How We Do It

We strategize, concept, make, inspire and innovate

What We Do

From strategy, to influencer outreach, to event creative and production, we work with brands to create campaigns and experiences from the ground up. Our work moves people emotionally, providing powerful and positive long-lasting memories. It's these experiences and memories that create cultural relevancy for the brands we work with.

Our Capabilities

Thought Leadership
& Strategy

  • Emotional literacy brand workshops
  • Emotional Memory Design (EMD) customized frameworks
  • Cultural & subcultural fluency for brands
  • Sentiment analysis & shift mapping
  • Brand-to-consumer relational competence workshops
  • Traditional Qual & Quant research
  • Free association brainstorms utilizing the MoreHuman.™ process.


  • Permanent Installations for Museums, Attractions & Retail
  • Large Scale Events & Tours
  • Pop-Retail
  • Vehicle Design & Fabrication
  • Viral Stunts
  • Trade show exhibits
  • Costume Design & Fabrication
  • Immersive theater
  • IRL & Digital Engagement Strategy


  • 360° campaign development
  • Brand Architecture
  • Branding Identity & Package Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Apparel, premiums design & sourcing
  • Social & Digital content strategy

& Management

  • Set Design & Fabrication
  • Tour planning & management
  • Sponsorship Evaluation, Negotiation & Activation
  • Festival Activation
  • Site & Tour Staffing
  • Measurement & ROI Analysis
  • Access control

& New Technologies

  • Digital Engagement Strategy
  • IRL & Digital Integration
  • Social & digital content strategy
  • Original content development & Distribution
  • Product Placement & Integration
  • VR/AR & Mixed Reality Design & Implementation


  • Identification & recruitment
  • Product Seeding
  • Celebrity placement
  • Influencer retail distribution
  • Social Media Influencer Campaigns

Our Process

We start every relationship with cultural immersion.

What is the Challenge? Step one gets us past the status quo. That means defining the requirements and needs of all project stakeholders. And then a comprehensive analysis on trends, benchmarks, competitors in and out of the space and target audiences.

What is the best solution in an ideal world? Often the best ideas come from the solutions that first seem impossible. Step two takes away any limits we may face so our interdisciplinary teams can develop ideal solutions for solving the problem, based on our research.

What is the best solution in the real world? Reality comes back into play in step three. Developed solutions are tested for feasibility, selected and developed further. At the end of this step, a coherent approach emerges, which, if needed, is produced as a prototype and tested.

Let's Realize It. The concept becomes reality. We put together a team of specialists that works from the idea to the planning to the implementation. But the completion of the project doesn't mean the end of our commitment. It is the starting point for joint evaluation and further development for long-term success.

Share It. The final step is when it all comes together. Through expert production, execution and creative management, our ideas are built from the ground up. And because we create long-lasting memories, we make sure the story also has a long life through content capture, social media integration, kpi analysis and an emphasis on results.