Auchentoshan: Auchen-bruncheon

Auchentoshan is a single malt scotch whisky with a smooth, delicate taste that results from a triple distillation process that dates back to its beginnings in 1823. To reach a new generation of scotch enthusiasts, it hosted a series of events as distinctive as it is. The bespoke experience, Auchen-brunchen, ignited an emotional connection with cultural influencers in four cities who in turn spread their enthusiasm in real-time over their social networks.

Auchen-bruncheon gave brunch a masculine makeover with cabaret performers, illusionists, celebrated chefs and scotch experts who appealed to the brand’s target audience, urban cultural influencers, ages 27 to 40. An alluring written invitation accompanied by an engraved chef knife in a custom-branded Auchentoshan box sent an elaborate, masculine message that this was not to be a typical scotch tasting event. The events were divided into three parts, subtly reinforcing the brand’s triple distillation message. During “The Sip,” guests tasted custom-created cocktails as well as three traditional Auchentoshan expressions. “The Bite” offered scotch pairing with a three-course meal prepared by a master chef who engaged the crowd and demonstrated culinary skills such as how to filet a 40-pound striped bass or carve a full hog. “The Show” presented a cabaret performance and sleight of hand acts along with dessert. Throughout the series, guests shared their experience over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #auchenbruncheon.

The Auchen-bruncheons embedded Auchentoshan scotch whisky into male camaraderie occasions that were shareable and created content that fostered organic social engagement. A live Splash Digital Wall at each event featured attendees’ top Twitter and Instagram posts. Partnering with digital media company Thrillist also amplified the brand’s reach. Altogether eight events in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco exceeded all program KPI’s, achieving new followers on Twitter and Instagram and millions of impressions.