Espolón: Día de los Muertos

Espolón is a favorite among tequila drinkers, a success driven largely by sales, distribution and organic adoption by consumers who simply discovered the Mexican brand. Momento Mori, an immersive Day of the Dead celebration in four U.S. markets in 2013, created buzz for Espolón among discerning 21- to 29-year-olds and maintained its position as a tequila that they would stumble upon organically.

Momento Mori targeted a tight-knit community of two social types--the Creative Protagonist, a single, career-focused 20-something urbanite that enjoys learning, experimenting and socializing with friends, and the Social Activator, an attention-seeking leader heavily influenced by trendsetters and unadulterated culture who consumes the Creative Protagonist’s creations. Espolón earned credibility among these influencers through an unprecedented partnership with two experiential artists, Winkel & Balktick, who have historically rejected brand participation of any kind. The untraditional arrangement allowed Espolón no creative input or sponsorship asks other than integration at the bar and the ability to tell the story through social media and press releases.

The production took place on Nov. 1, the traditional Day of the Dead, at Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY. Unsuspecting guests received cryptic silk-screened wooden planks inviting them to a bar near the cemetery, where they enjoyed Espolón Tequila cocktails, then a mariachi band led them to Green-Wood. Silently holding candles and refraining from photography and social media, they followed a love story performed by Third Rail Projects theater troupe around the grounds. The final act took place at the Cemetery’s Church, followed by an after-party. Similar events also took place in Austin, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Momento Mori embodied the true meaning of the Mexican holiday for 200 guests while facilitating the artists’ creative expression. The events in four markets reached 713 attendees and served 38.5 cases of Espolón. Total media impressions topped 3.2 million.