Dos Equis: Feast of the Brave

Mexican beer brand Dos Equis enjoys a well-established association with Cinco de Mayo. In 2012, Dos Equis leveraged that association and the growing popularity of mobile food trucks in Feast of the Brave, a campaign born of the premise that people who eat a scorpion are going to tell their friends about it. Part food truck and part social media Sherman tank, the six-city effort engaged thousands of consumers in a daring culinary experience that ventured well beyond the traditional taco. It also differentiated Dos Equis from the bevy of beer brands vying for consumers' attention during Cinco de Mayo.

Feast of the Brave delivered an unconventional engagement to its target audience, male trendsetters ages 21 to 34 who lead active social lives and thrive on collecting stories and experiences as part of their social currency. The campaign whetted their appetite for the bold and unusual and upped the ante for sharing on social media.

Dos Equis partnered with local chefs in Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles and Miami who crafted original creations specific to each city. Their concoctions, served free of charge to the brave and willing, featured pig ear, chicken gizzard, iguana, alligator, crickets, hog stomach and more, ingredients not found in the usual beef- or chicken-filled taco. “Bravery points” accompanied each serving, pitting the cities in a contest for the bravest palate.

A Feast of the Brave tab on Dos Equis’ Facebook page shared a local map, the taco truck schedule, a menu for each city, an updated “bravery points” leader board and event photos. Fans could also invite friends to dine with them through a customizable invitation and follow the Feast on Twitter with Dos Equis’ handle @staythirsty and hashtag #DosEquisFeast. The trucks served more than 18,000 tacos and gained considerable attention on food blogs and other media.