About Us

Mirrorball is an NYC-based marketing and experience design agency. We strive to enhance the way brands participate in our lives. Our team of strategists, creatives, and producers share a passion for contributing to and impacting popular culture. Our immersive concepts are steeped in cultural relevance and authenticity, helping brands develop deeper relationships with consumers.

Utilizing a proprietary framework of neuroscience, behavioral psychology, and anthropology, our ideas deliver unique narratives that evoke intense emotions resulting in long-lasting, positive memories. It is these powerful emotions and memories that can build or shift brand sentiment and move people at their core.

For over 15 years world-class brands including Perrier, Dos Equis, The NBA, Jack Daniel’s, Pepsi, L’Oreal, TBS, and Harley-Davidson have relied on our boundless thinking to create new opportunities to better connect with the people their businesses touch.

Our Purpose

To design experiences that move people emotionally, provide powerful and positive long-lasting memories and to leverage these experiences to impact and influence the evolving culture of which we are active participants.


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Creative Development

Branding, Experience Design, Content Creation, Video Production Environmental Design, Apparel and Premiums Design and Sourcing, Industrial and Architectural Design, Set Design and Fabrication, Immersive Theater Scripting and Production.

Production Management

Large Scale Event and Gala Production, Sponsorship and Partnership Activation, Vehicle Acquisition and Customization Tour Management, Engineering and Architectural Production National Field Activation, Trade Shows and Exhibits, Art and Film Festival Activation, Concerts and Music Festival, Activation, Pop-up Retail Stores, On-premise Activation Product Launches and Show Premieres.

Technology & Grassroots

Rl and Digital Integration, Social and Digital Content Strategy, AR/VR Mixed Reality Content Creation, Influencer Marketing Guerilla Marketing and Media Stunts, Video Game Marketing, Sports and Culture Integration.

Thought Leadership

Morehuman Feelstorm Sessions, Morehuman Emotional Memory Design, Morehuman Sentiment Shift Mapping, Morehuman Engagement Strategy (Relationship Consulting), Cultural Insights and Immersions, Real Influencer Identification and Recruitment.

Consulting Services

Creative Platform Development (Big Ideas), Brand Development and Packaging, Brand Positioning, Public Relations Strategy Narrative Development, Cultural Consulting, Morehuman Methodology.

Latest News

Latest News

We hope you are enjoying our new site! Special shout-out to our in-house creatives for the design, to Eric Van Holtz and Raphael Rauwolf for the development, and to Awwwards, FWA, CSS Winner & CSS Design Awards for all the compliments. One love.

Careers & Gigs

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Mirrorball competes for the best talent. Our compensation packages consist of salary and equity, and are commensurate with accomplishment. We offer a full suite of benefits, including 401(K).

We are an equal opportunity employer.

Please check our open positions above. If you don’t see a position that interests you, submit a general application to let us know how you can make a difference at Mirrorball. You can also sign up for job notification emails that will alert you when a position becomes available in your field of interest.


Michael Blatter
Michael Blatter
CEO & Founder
Lucas Benarroch
Lucas Benarroch
Creative Director
Teresa Yorkgitis
Teresa Yorkgitis
Account Director
Keith Messinger
Keith Messinger
Art Director
Megan Ross
Megan Ross
Executive Assistant
Brendan Amoruso
Brendan Amoruso
Video Editor