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Founded by Michael Blatter, Mirrorball is a full-service marketing agency based in New York City. We strive to enhance the way brands participate in our lives. As strategists, creatives, and producers, we share a passion for impacting popular culture. Our immersive concepts are steeped in cultural relevance and authenticity, helping brands develop deeper relationships with consumers.

For seventeen years, we have fought for a future filled with fantastic feelings and emotions from the evocative campaigns we enact. It is these powerful emotions and lasting memories that can build or shift brand sentiment and move people at their core.

Since 2003, world-class brands including Perrier, Dos Equis, The NBA, Jack Daniel’s, Pepsi, L’Oreal, TBS, and Harley-Davidson have relied on our boundless thinking and creativity to create new opportunities to better connect with the people their businesses touch.


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What We Do


+ Advertising
+ Branding
+ Consumer Engagement
+ Content
+ Influencer Marketing
+ Live Experience
+ Immersive Entertainment
+ Research & Insights


+ Content & Video
+ Large Scale Events
+ Sponsorship & Partnership Activation
+ Vehicle Acquisition & Customization
+ Tour Management
+ Engineering & Architectural Design
+ Environment Design & Fabrication
+ National Field Activation

Latest News

Latest News

New Highsnobiety interview with Mirrorball’s CEO Michael Blatter. While it may seem quite shocking to many Americans, there was actually a time in the not-too-distant past when it was more than socially acceptable to smoke inside bars and nightclubs. As a result, even if you yourself were a non-smoker, you’d leave a place smelling like you just rolled around in an ash tray.

Although the move to a smokeless environment has surely saved many on dry cleaning bills, the days when your neighborhood bartender had a carton of cigarettes behind the bar reveals something that is decidedly a contemporary phenomenon — the rise and subsequent analysis of influencer” marketing.

By now, we seem to have a basic understanding of how influencer marketing works. A brand approaches a person who has a certain number of followers on Instagram and gets them to hock a product.”

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Careers & Gigs


Mirrorball is always looking to add to our team of full-time and freelance professionals.

Please send us a short cover letter along with your CV, portfolio, website, and / or linkedin profile.

We promise to review inquiries at least every other week. If we don’t get back to you, don’t take it personally, we’re either really busy or don’t have a gig that is right for you at this time.

If you are the right fit, we’ll likely call you late on Sunday night with a project due Tuesday.