Dos Equis

Masquerade Festival

We brought a traditionally Mexican beer to life for one magical night in New Orleans.

Dos Equis, with its Most Interesting Man in the World, has long been familiar among American beer drinkers. However, although they knew the man, many consumers had never actually tried the beer, associating it more with Cinco de Mayo and the warm summer months. In 2014, our Dos Equis Masquerade changed everything by introducing Dos Equis to a new audience at a surprising time of year.

Focusing on the emotional and cultural high points during Halloween, our team married the Most Interesting Man with the unexpected backdrop of fall in a national campaign that leveraged sponsorships and flash sampling, culminating in a theatrical, immersive, and interactive experience for 2,200 guests that took place on Nov. 22 at New Orleans’ Generations Hall.

An Immersive Theater
Experience Celebrated the National
Tour by Dos Equis

The “Dance of Two Worlds” experience was a dramatic spin on the traditional masquerade ball. Using the researched emotions of anticipation, fear, and enchantment, guests were asked to don masks and go on a “choose your own adventure” journey—one called the Goddess of Life and one the Goddess of Shadow.

The “Life” path featured a garden of vines and culinary treats. A Riddler’s Den offered games of chance; a backroom, illicit moments visible to the entire den. The “Shadow” path, on the other hand, featured strange creatures and nocturnal birds of prey. Guests dined blindfolded on a mysterious menu and optical illusions twisted their perceptions.

For a digital activation integration, a VR experience transported guests to another dimension until both realms united, revealing the headlining guest Q-Tip, whose performance closed the night.

With more than 60 performing artists and roaming characters—including gypsies, a snake handler, magician, a Salvador-Dali inspired character—and an appearance by the Most Interesting Man himself, the Dos Equis Masquerade put the beer front and center with over 40 interactive consumer engagements.