Memento Mori

Theater and emotions combined to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Espolon.

Tequila is a go-to for celebrations and traditional holidays in Mexican culture. In a saturated market that emphasizes partying without much narrative to back it up, Mirrorball saw an opportunity for Espolon tequila to break out of the expected tequila messaging and connect on a deeper level with target consumers.

Working with renowned party and theater savants, Winkel + Balktick, we developed an immersive, mobile narrative around the true meaning of the Day of the Dead called Memento Mori.

Launching in New York City at the historical landmark, Greenwood Cemetery, our actors escorted attendees to the experience, where a family is torn apart by death, but can come together every Day of the Dead. An after-party completed the emotional arch for attendees and gave them a chance to interact with the Espolon brand.

We turned a brand
engagement into much more
than the average party

The successful immersive event soon went on the road to 4 key markets, bringing the Day of the Dead story and Espolon to drinkers in a fresh, unconventional way that resonated with marketing-weary millennials.