Harley Davidson LiveWire

National Tour

We spearheaded a 30-city tour to get a younger audience on a Harley and those Harleys on their social media.

Harley-Davidson is a brand synonymous with rebel attitude, black leather jackets and roaring, gas-powered “hogs.” But their affinity with youth culture was starting to fade, as the grizzled Harely rider on a big bike was the dominant cultural image for the brand.

Project LiveWire showcased its first foray into a new product category—the electric motorcycle. Through a deeply-researched cultural and science-based strategy based on the emotional journey of Harley-Davidson’s target market, Mirrorball launched a 30-city summer test-ride tour highlighting the company’s innovation and creativity, piquing the interest of younger consumers and providing feedback on the beta version of the LiveWire.

New technology got
a boost with a engaging tour
in new markets

In addition to the test rides, the 360 experience leveraged interactive engagements in a tech-inspired environment that fostered valuable two-way conversations between the iconic brand and its fans, all before it hit the market.

After registering online for a coveted ride on one of 33 prototype LiveWires, attendees could hop on a stationary Jumpstart demo for a simulated LiveWire riding experience. A digital wall interacted with the throttle, measuring the bike’s performance and biofeedback from the rider, then displayed the stats on a large LED screen behind the unit. Attendees also could try out Nuviz Head-Up Display helmets, a high-tech accessory prototype that allows riders to check maps, emails, listen to music and more while keeping their eyes on the road.

Real-time social media aggregators and on-site photographers drove social media activity for #ProjectLiveWire, achieving 20.3M Facebook impressions, 18.8M Twitter impressions and 4.6M YouTube views. The tour generated 6,864 demo rides and 8,668 Jumpstarts, and Project LiveWire motorcycles have logged more than 1,500 miles down Route 66.