Mountain Dew


Mountain Dew needed to reach beyond its core audience of X-Gamers. We connected them with the art crowd.

Mountain Dew has always been known for its strong ties to the X-Game contingent. But its connection to the urban underground and city cool kids was lacking. Enter Mirrorball. Our goal? To enhance Dew’s street cred and raise brand awareness amongst the DIY culture across the country.

We connected them to an urban, DIY crowd through the artists they looked up to.

Our program positioned Mountain Dew as a brand that both contributed to and supported the audience we were trying to reach.

To do this, we partnered with artists around the country who were already making waves in their niche scenes to design special edition bottles for Mountain Dew.

Through a multi-platform influencer strategy ahead of its time, Mirrorball not only ran influencer seeding, our team created digital and guerilla outreach that sought to reach our target consumer where they created and gathered organically.

Media partnerships with Juxtapoz Magazine and distribution of video gave the bottles and their artists a life of their own that still resonates today.