In July 2019, Perrier launched their new Perrier & Juice Drink flavors in New York City by tapping into the Daybreaker community, setting sail on the Hudson River for sunrise yoga and dance. The early morning (5:30AM!) began with 100+ mindful yogis boarding the Hornblower Infinity for a dedicated yoga experience ed by NYC yogi Melini Jesudason.

After yoga, 800+ social experiencers - dressed in a perfect homage to their favorite fruits and tropical flair - trickled onto the boat for an all-out morning dance party sailing around downtown Manhattan. The event featured 5 fully stocked Perrier & Juice bars, each complete with an array of tasty morning treats and coffee. With 3 floors and an expansive roof deck, the Manhattan skyline could be seen every which way you turned. Daybreaker's global emcee, Elliot La Rue, encouraged guests to welcome the day and let loose on the dance floor. Vandana Hart of Viva Body Roll, led a high-energy call-and-response dance moment accompanied by 3-man band Hudson Horns. Colorful, costumed characters led by Darrel Thorne passed fruit trays, with fusions mimicking Perrier & Juice Drink flavors, around the dance floors. Attendees were also invited to create their own flower crowns, infused with fruit elements, with NY's DIY studio Craft Jam. All the while, DJs Me2Me2, and Ean Golden supplied fresh beats that you couldn't help but groove along with. The dance party crescendoed with a massive balloon drop and flowing bubble display over the dance floor accompanied by an original song by musical group Brothers Page. Finally, Daybreaker vocal sound artist, Luna Maye, lead attendees through a grounding meditation where guests read an intention out-loud and set the tone for the rest of the day.

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