Perrier Societe

Campaign Strategy

Making bubbles fun again, We rebranded Perrier with Société.

Prior to the launch of the Société, Perrier’s presence in NYC nightlife was essential non-existent. On average, the brand was selling 50 cases of Perrier annually.

The program was designed to rejuvenate and premiumize the brand in order to influence and engage both consumers and trade.
Within the first six months, Société Perrier had successfully increased consumers’ brand awareness by 58% in New York bars and clubs. Image perception of the brand increased by 15 points.

Société Perrier launched in New York in 2009.

re-branding strategy that would pump the right kind of content to a fresh base of social consumers — people who would share the news, information, and features that Perrier produced.

Titled Société Perrier, the effort now spans nations. Perrier’s content is sourced from elite and sought-after scene-makers in New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, Mexico City, and Dubai — to name just a few.

“To understand Société Perrier, you need to know about Perrier’s history with nightlife,” said Rana Good, global managing editor of Société Perrier. “Back in the ’70s and ’80s, the CEO of Perrier really liked to party. There’s all these pictures of Mick Jagger and Andy Warhol drinking Perrier. It had this nightlife connotation to it — a glamorous, aspirational nightlife connotation.”

A multi-year program that
changed a brand from buttoned-up
to fresh and cool

But then, the swagger went flat, and the rock-star lifestyle to a large extent became the realm of other brands, other kinds of brands. Now, Société Perrier is bringing its bubbly back to the party.

Influencers: Where the Party Is

“We started off in social media with a very small team,” said Owen Murphy, the digital project manager at Mirrorball, “and it was actually through this Perrier program that we got into Web development and developed this whole editorial component around the events we were sponsoring.”

Mirrorball/Perrier selected bloggers that knew how to aggregate club listings and score interviews. What Société Perrier built, from the dance floors up, has turned into a worldwide team of engaged influencers.

“We enlisted a bunch of luminaries, or influencers, essentially, who really knew where the party was,” Murphy said. “They’re the creative class.”

Perrier is tapping the intelligentsia of the club scenes. It’s presenting its logo and brand concept alongside known quantities that can tell readers and users what’s cool before it’s cool.

“We try to find stories, cover bands and DJs,” said Good. “They aren’t mainstream, yet. That’s what we’re going for.”

Facebook highlights weekly events, festivals, artists and gallery nights upcoming. Twitter is the campaign’s day-to-day chat room between users and influencers, and Instagram is the “photographic evidence,” said Meltz. The parties, the street stuff, it all ends up there in visual form.

But how is this shaking out for Perrier? Is Société Perrier driving numbers and making fresh sales of the brand, out there in the real world?

“We have something called hotspots, which are venues in New York and L.A. and Miami, all around the world which sell Perrier,” said Good. “We promote those venues and also write about them and the client wants us to sell more Perrier at those venues and also get more venues to sell Perrier.”

Does it work? Good said yes. The promotion via the Société Perrier pages does result in higher sales of water. And so, just about two years in, Mirrorball’s client is still with the program. By their metric, the future of Société Perrier apparently looks bright.

As for that future, the team said that one key idea from Perrier’s past will be coming back.

“We are doing something this year with Andy Warhol,” said Murphy of a developing effort between Société Perrier and the Andy Warhol Foundation. So the original association may get a fresh fifteen minutes, yet.

Through our work with Nestle Waters International Brands, specifically on Perrier, Mirrorball developed and built Perrier's first global consumer and trade engagement platform called Societe Perrier. Societe Perrier was a turnkey online & offline activation program designed to premiumize and rejuvenate the brand to engage both consumers and trade. Working with 12 international markets across the globe, from Tokyo to Mexico to Beirut, Mirrorball has extensive experience in global brand management.

Mirrorball's responsibilities for Perrier included being a global strategic partner to the international brand team to ensure local actions are aligned with global strategy. We also helped the global team in planning and implementation while providing recommendations on success measures. Additionally, offering local market training and support to ensure local market success.

As the lead global agency, local markets successes were Mirrorball's successes. As such, we help develop the global toolbox creating the tools and assets necessary for each local market including Program Playbooks and Digital Guidelines. Alongside a global Dashboard that tracked, analyzed Perrier's platform results for global and local market reporting.