Jack Daniel's


Jack Daniel’s Room No.7 was a timeless reinvention of the classic speakeasy with references that bring to life a modern, sophisticated stylization unparalleled with any other “secret” venue.

Opened August 2018 in the Lower East Side, Room No.7 hosted a number of events to include a variety of guests. From industry trade professionals looking to gain a deeper understanding of Jack Daniel’s to local musical influencers looking to forge their sounds with the classic American whiskey brand.

Brilliant and warm browns, rusts, and coppers are found throughout the space, a combination that is modern and natural. Rich textures like leather and velvet nod to old school New York City glamour -- and that Frank Sinatra swagger. Burnished and charred woods, copper accents, and limestone details ground us in the brands origins, delivering a contrasting design with maximum impact. Globe pendant lamps and sconces reference classic marquee lights of New York City, setting the brand as the star.

Room No.7’s cocktails were carefully crafted for the season, event crowd, and to pair well with passed food options. Beverages included a select group of old school classics along with some recipes you definitely haven’t seen anywhere else. This whiskey bar menu reflects a range of whiskeys like double-oaked, rye, single barrel and special edition bottles, all from Jack Daniel’s.

Psst! On the back page of Room No.7’s cocktail there is a blank page…or so it seems. We’ll share the password/buzzword with our guests to reveal a secret cocktail menu page, for your eyes only!

Finally, tucked behind the stage in Room No.7 is the Sinatra Room. This intimate space is complete with vintage design elements and nods to Old Blue Eyes, the original Jack Daniel’s brand ambassador who often referred to the refreshment as “nectar of the gods.”

Illuminated by candles, the Sinatra Room was the perfect setting to get away from party and have an intimate conversation and enjoy Jack Daniel’s product.

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Creative Direction
Experiential Design
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