Mirrorball is an NYC-based Experience Design agency. We strive to enhance the way brands, retailers, attractions, institutions, and hospitality businesses participate in our lives. Our family of strategists, creatives, writers, and producers share a sacred bond, rooted in our passion for impacting and contributing to popular culture.

As participants ourselves, we naturally approach our work with an immutable advocacy for the people our clients look to serve. We aspire to create cultural relevance with everything we touch without ever becoming invasive or contrived.

Utilizing a proprietary framework of science, psychology, and art, our concepts are baked with deep narratives that evoke intense emotions intended to result in long-lasting, positive memories. It is these powerful memories that help people live more fulfilled lives.

We are most passionate about Experience Design in all its forms, from IRL to digital. We also love brand strategy, design and architecture, and product innovation. Whatever the assignment may be, our work is intended to move people at their core.

For over 14 years, world-class brands and companies, including Perrier, Dos Equis, General Electric, Jack Daniel’s, Pepsi, L’Oreal, and Harley-Davidson have put their confidence into Mirrorball to create new opportunities to deeply connect with the people their businesses touch.


To design experiences that move people emotionally, provide powerful and positive long-lasting memories and to leverage these experiences to impact and influence the evolving culture of which we are active participants.