Swisse Wellness


Wanderlusters from far and wide discovered Swissetopia, a multi-sensory experience that introduces the wellness products of Swisse, Australia’s #1 Vitamin Brand. As part of the fall 2018 Wanderlust tour over 20,000 influencers will be immersed in the Swisse lifestyle and the unique product ingredients caringly sourced from across the globe.

Swisse Ulti-Lab Bar

Housed in a shaded pergola, the Swisse ULTI LAB anchored this activation area providing an inviting central space for guests to gather. It will also be a space where guests can familiarize themselves with the science behind and benefits of Ultivites through a guided sensory experience.

Blood Orange spritzers and other elixirs sourced from raw Swisse ingredients will be served creating an opportunity to organically deliver the message that Ultivites help men with Energy, Stamina & Stress reduction and women with Mood Balance, Stress, Fatigue & Anxiety Reduction.

Swisse Interactive Botanical Wal

The Swisse Interactive Botanical Wall served as the focal point of the activation. Beautifully covered in flora and minerals contained in Swisse Ultivites (which could be tastefully labeled for easy identification), the wall will feature interactive tablets that allow consumers to more fully understand why Swisse is “Australia’s No. 1 Brand.”

The tablet-based exploration will offer the following information on the over 50 ingredients contained in Swisse Ultivites: Geographic Story (Sourcing), Scientific Support, and Benefits of Use.

Swisse Feelings Fountain

Tying together the ideas of mindfulness and ritual as integral parts of attaining the goal of health and a feeling well-being through Swisse products, the main activation area will incorporate stone water features.Guests were invited to select the stone that most aligns with their wellness goals and encouraged to keep their chosen stone as a reminder of their commitment to a new daily wellness ritual.

Dream Dome

A soothing, shaded environment filled with calming essential oil diffusers and decorated with Valerian flowers will tell the story of valerian, licorice and hops and how these ingredients can aid in achieving restful sleep and reduction of irritability.

Guests were invited to sign up for a restorative audio app-based, 5-minute guided meditation while reclining in comfortable bean bag chairs. Additional Engagements included chair massages and sound healing.

Detox Platform

Against a backdrop evoking the Spanish countryside, where the Swisse Liver Detox ingredient of globe artichoke is grown and harvested, guests learned about their daily digestion and the benefits of a detox ritual.

Our yogis/experts worked one-on-one to assist guests in mastering detoxifying Ashtanga Poses, while also delivering key messaging about the importance of liver function and digestion support.

Beauty Garden

Showcasing the importance of nutrition in beauty, the Beauty Garden featured a verdant backdrop of signature Swisse beauty ingredients; Blood Orange, Silica, St. Mary’s Thistle, etc. Brand Representatives with HD cameras captured photos of guests holding their favorite yoga poses which were delivered via email/text and socially shareable within minutes and included a framed Swisse digital overlay.

Additional (and very popular engagements) included nail art and hair braiding!

Collateral Design
Creative Direction
Experiential Design